Confessions of a first time mom: about breastfeeding; part II ( what I want you to know) 

Versión en Castellano So I was still beating myself about the fact that I choose to breast-pump full time instead of breastfeeding. Every lactation group and even the paediatrician made me feel like a failure, a bad mom. I’m down to 51 kilos ( I was 54 when I got pregnant). Even though I was able to […]

Ms Prym

More often than not we want to set our creativity free or simply share the things we like or motivate us with other people who might have our same interests, however for “lack of time“, shines or simply lack of compromise everything remains a frustrated dream. Who or what is Ms Prym? Ms Prym was […]

She didn’t loose her battle…

It’s taken me months to finally continue this blog, due in part to my 24-7 morning sickness and partly because it would be the hardest thing I’ve ever written and I truly didnt’ know where to begin… Fact: My grandmother had terminal cancer. She had always told me that she would never want to go through chemo if she was ever diagnosed with cancer. […]