A little time for myself

More often than not I feel like I need to take a turn even if it’s just to have breakfast. I can sometimes feel like my time is everyone else’s but mine. I can come to feel like I’m not even there. Every step, every corner I tidy up, every meal I prepare, every stroll in the park and even every bedtime story. But when I start to feel like I’m losing myself in everyday things I remind myself that my time, is still mine. I remember that every time I share my breakfast with Mateo it tastes better. Every time I tidy up the place I do it for the team, not someone in particular. Every time I prepare a meal, I’m feeding us better. And last every time I read a bedtime story I’m investing my time on a unforgettable experience, too short for my test. But unforgettable because of what it represents.

When I feel tempted to feel like I’ve lost myself, I remind myself that I’ve transformed my time in a chain of different experiences that I share everyday with my family. And it’s there where I feel like my time es everyone’s I stop missing it and realize that I didn’t lose it and that I don’t need more.

Don’t just focus on what you miss  when you don’t do things by yourself. Try to see what you gain when you share your time with the people you love. And then maybe you’ll realize that if you want to time can be endless.

-La Senorita Prym





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