Your week, your purpose

I like to start my week of with a purpose. I like to know exactly what I expect to accomplish this week, organize myself and verify that everthing is in order so that it is a a success.

To accomplish that I use a lot of lists. I love them! I use them for practically everything. For my month, my weeks and my days. And then I modify each list depending on how the days are flowing. That’s how I maintain my purpose in check. I decorate my list, I fix it, make it visible, whatever I feel like. I make sure it doesn’t blend in with everything else I have on my desk.

Today as I write is sunday. I sit down and I organize my week. I think precisely what I want to do every day, I like to give my week a purpose. Have you given any thought on what you want to accomplish this week? What I love about this exercise is that it helps me not feel like I’m surfing in life, without any traced path, I feel like everything has a purpose.

Even if you didn’t make a similiar exercise yesterday, today before your day starts ( and even if your day began already) try this: think about what you want to accomplish this week. Maybe eat better, maybe start a new proyect that you have in mind, maybe you want to start walking 20 minutes everydauy…It doesn’t matter what you want to accomplish, the important thing is that you start of your week with a clear idea, an organized idea of what it is that you so desperately want. Make a mental note, keep it present in your agenda. The important thing is that you fill your week with a purpose. I guarantee you this will flow like never before.

-La Senorita Prym ❤


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