Golden milk

We joined forces with our friend Jen from the fitness blog Vivir Mejor By Jen who shared with us the benefits of the now famous golden milk and how to prepare it.

One of the main ingredients it’s turmeric. We have all heard its tremendous benefits due to how much curcumin it contains. This active component has been attribute m benefits and even cancer fighting components. We invite you to learn more about the benefits of curcumin outside this blog.

Amongst its main benefits we can find:
✔️It contains anti-inflammatory properties

✔️It helps maintain cholesterol and triglyceride

✔️It helps regulates our metabolism and weight

✔️It helps with some skin conditions 

✔️It helps our memory and overall brain functioning

✔️Helps regulate blood pressure

✔️ prevent or cure the common cold

✔️It helps fight diabetes

✔️It helps maintain the immune system in good shape

✔️ Its helps fight depression

What will we need?

🔸 a cup of almond milk

🔸 a spoon full of turmeric

🔸 teaspoon of honey or  coconut oil for coconut lovers

🔸 cinnamon (optional)

**Heat the milk and on a separate bowl mix all the ingredients. Start adding it little by little so that it doesn’t get gloomy. Finally add the teaspoon of coconut oil or honey**

If you love strong flavours and spices then we suggest a little bonus. Add a little bit of black pepper. It is known that it busts the properties the curcumin has.

We have began to drink 1 cup of golden mil 1 or 2 times a week. Will you join us?

-La Senorita Prym

*Under any circumstance should this post substitute the opinion of a doctor. You should always consult a doctor first before starting any supplements.


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