I am confident I can do it

Today was one of those days that I didn’t want to do anything. I usually get up early so that I can exercise, have breakfast and shower before Mateo wakes up hungry. Even though my day began half an hour late and Mateo woke up when I was in the middle fo the routine, there were no excuses. I began the day just the way I promised myself I would. By experience you can pay the gym, you can pay the trainer, the routines, the diets, but they gym clothes. But if you are not committed with yourself, then everything else is just smoke. At home, by myself, no music. Just the dawn and myself and then Mateo of course. I did what I said I would. Get inspired by yourself, concentrate in you and then let your actions be your bond.

Our thoughts, oh our thoughts! How much can they betray us…if we allow them to! Next time you want to start something new o make something happen and you mind tries to tell you, you can’t, try this: Substitute each negative thought with a positive one. Negative thought, for positive thought. Simple. “You can’t”; “What if you make a mistake?”; “What if don’t do it right?”….”I am confident that I can do it”; I am confident that I can do it”; “I am confident that I can do it”. Don’t be fooled! Of course you can!

-La Senorita Prym



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