Castle out of nowhere

One of the comments ( that come with a : “You are so weird”look) that we get a lot is: “So you don’t let him use your cellphone?; “So you mean he doesn’t watch T.V. either? Nothing, at all?”. That’s when very patiently we explain that we feel that Mateo is still too young ( 18 months) and he needs to learn a whole bunch of things before he learns how to use the cellphone or sits down to watch T.V. It would be easier for us of course, but that’s a different subject, for another day. This post is not to debate pro or against the use of technology in little ones. This post comes as a result of the next question we get asked: “So, what do you do to entertain him?”. Very simple. Everything else. We let our imagination run wild. And of course we do go crazy some days. But the madness goes away with a quick visit to the park.

Last Thursday we bought a new fridge and on Friday I was getting ready to throw away the box when I saw that Mateo was trying to get my attention and play within the box. Immediately the young girl that lives inside of me ( and I let out way too much) lit up. We will build a house-castle! Knife on hand, I got to work. You can see at first sight I’m obviously not crafty. But that’s beside the point.


Mateo is thrilled with his house-castle, made out of a box. It is now in his room and we  started to decorate it. What I want to say with this is that, many times we want to give kids so many things in order to provide tools to entertain them, to help calm them down that we opt for the latest technology. The most expensive ones. What’s cool or in. And we forget about the most important tool of all: our imagination. If our house policy would’ve been different our little house-castle would not exist. That same afternoon the box would’ve ended up in the recycling bin.

I don’t think Mateo needs more than that right now, and to be quite honest, neither do we.

The next time someone asks me what I do to keep Mateo entertained if I don’t give him my cellphone nor let him watch T.V.  I’ll have to let them know that on everyday moments  we build castles out of nowhere.

-La Senorita Pyrm ❤



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