About eating habits and the perfect weight

Even though sometimes I try to fool myself “cheating” here and there when it comes to eating healthy I try, for the most part to eat healthy. It has been a year now that I’ve been loosing weight without exercising nor dieting. All of the sudden my stomach seems to be extremely unstable. Somedays are good, other days not so much. I recently started a diet, ( prepared by an awesome friend who is a pro) to try to gain weight the healthy way. And most importantly, I went to the doctor to make sure that everything is okay. I suspect that this is caused by stress and anxiety. But anyway, until I don’t have my test results back, I wont know. I’m writing this more “personal” post because if anyone reading this had a random symptom or a problem that persists, you should go to the doctor and get tested and make sure everything is okay. I know we live in chaos. I know we are always in a hurry and that we think we don’t have the time for this type of things. But this is precisely what we should make time for and pay attention to. I hope that everything is okay.

I’ll probably write again about it to let you know what happened and if in any way this motivates anyone to go to the doctor and get a check up then my work is done.

In the mean time, don’t hesitate to go out, investigate, and get help. And I don’t mean google. That only makes us get on panic mode and that’s not the goal. Remember that all the chaos around you means nothing, your healthy always, always, comes first.




-La Senorita Prym ❤


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