The baby is hospitalized; confessions of first time parents. 

 Versión Castellano

2pm here in Madrid on a Wednesday. It’s been 48 hours since I first noticed that baby Mateo had a fever.  We immediately went to the doctor knowing that if the baby is less than 3 months a fever is to be taken very seriously. When we arrived he seemed fine but we were sent to the hospital for a blood and urine test. Once at the hospital they took us in right away. The pediatrician explored Mateo, everything seemed okay and the nurse took him away to get the samples.

If you’ve net Mateo, you know he’s a very chill baby, not a cryer, at all… The screams that came out of that little room were enough to make any mother cringe at the end of her seat. My heart has never been in so much pain. Ever. As I saw my little 2 month old baby with an iv, I panicked. The baby was now under observation with a positive test for urine infection and I started to feel sick myself. Still don’t know how it happened but I ended up at the emergency room with gastroenteritis that same night. Daddy stayed with the baby and I had to go home on what it seemed the longest night of my life.

Next morning I was feeling better, way better. I made a pact with my body. “You cannot and will not get sick. You have to take care of the baby.” So now we have come to terms that I am now a mother and I cannot afford to get sick. Baby Mateo and daddy need me.

Last night I got to stay at the hospital with baby Mateo, he was very active, eating, playing  and going to the bathroom as he should. Still, what a hard night it was!

As I saw the crack of dawn I began to wonder of all the sick babies not only on our floor, but around the world. I understood right then and there that the pain those parents are going thru everyday cannot be explained, just felt. Like a hard block on your chest.

As I looked outside the hospital window I felt thankful. That even though we are at the hospital, Mateo is and will be, just fine.

I pray and send my most heartfelt good energy to those families and babies who need it the most. I wish for them to soon be able to look outside the hospital window with gratitude.

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