We want to see the baby: Confessions of first time parents

I am a rookie mom and even though I have little experience on the subject I have to say you don’t have to be a mother to find logic in certain things. Let me explain myself.

With the arrival of a new baby a lot of excitement comes along. It is normal that people want to come over to see him. But maybe that same excitement makes people forget basic rules of logic and courtesy.

Even though I didn’t have any children there are certain things that I would’ve never done. Now that Im on the other side of the role I see that there are many people who don’t seem to know how to put together the pieces of the puzzle. I even find rude some of the things I have had to witness. What doesn’t seem normal to me? Well, since you ask…(some of the things Im about to mention have happened to me and some to some of my friends)

  • I don’t think its normal to go meet/visit a newborn baby and expect for the parents to whip out snacks and/or drinks.They are probably sleep deprived (for days now)  and they probably don’t feel like having to tend to you. Why don’t you bring them something to eat? Please don’t make them work extra.
  • Staying for too-long. They won’t say it, but when an hour has gone by they are probably wondering why are you still there.
  • Ringing the doorbell. Only two of our friends have been cautious enough to not ring the doorbell. They gently knocked on the door when they were outside. (in fact they were the only ones who came by with a welcome home baby “kit”. The kit included coffee, snacks, a little something for the baby and also something to munch on right there and then….You know who you are).
  • The baby is not a fruit stand at the local  market. Sticking your hand on the crib without the parents inviting you or giving you the “okay” it’s a no-no. As you probably know by now there’s a thing called soap and you are visiting a newborn. Please wait until you are guided towards the bathroom, wash your hands and then proceed.
  • Being opinionated on how they are doing things or comparing them with things other parents have told you is oh so rude!If you don’t have kids, I’m not listening to you. I’m smiling, but I’m blocking everything that comes out of your moth. Fast.
  • If you are sick; Do I even have to say it? Don’t go!
  • The baby is not the New York Museum of Arts nor a tourist attraction. So please avoid the excessive use of the camera and of course the flash.
  • Before you stop by, please do call and ask if they need something. They will be thankful even if you are just asking.

In the meantime we are still learning how to be parents, we are taking notes. We will be stoping by your house with a fever and coughing, ready to have a glass of wine with you and by all means expecting you to feed us.

“At the request of the survivors, the names have been changed. Out of respect for the dead, the rest has been told exactly as it occurred”-Fargo

-Ms Prym ❤


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