You won’t be able to get pregnant that easily.

Versión en Castellano 

For a reason I cannot comprehend and for as long as I can remember I used to fear not being able to have babies. Even as a little girl I knew I wanted to have babies when I grew up but had that fear.

When I became a teenager my periods were extremely irregular and painful, really painful. I had polycystic ovaries and was on my way to having endometriosis. Without really knowing what that meant I began to take “the pill” just as my doctor recommended. By the time I was 19 (give or take) I quit the pill just to see how my body would react. As expected, my period went crazy. I spent a few years on and off the pill because I hated how it made me feel. When I met my boyfriend I went back on the pill… Two and a half years later I started feeling very “off” again. Super hormonal, not sexual, I was not myself, I was a mess. When I went to the doctor ( here in Spain) he told me that for sure it as the pill and that I should take a break. Surely after that I went back to my “normal self, libido on point, emotions in check, period a little “off” but present. I obviously expected that to happen do to my previous experience.

Through the years I’ve been told, by at least three gynaecologists, that I had polycystic ovaries and that I would have trouble conceiving by myself.  So around December of last year I started wondering… “I’ll be 30 in six months, maybe I should do a full checkup [ behind that of course the uncomfortable question of, Can I get pregnant].” By the beginning of January I went to the doctor and she of course told me that I had polycystic ovaries and that it would be extremely difficult for me to get pregnant on my own, so maybe I should just try for a year and then come back.

Okay well, at least know we know for sure whats going on wand what to expect. So we relaxed… 40 days later and no period my gynaecologist had given me some progesterone to make my period come, I took the progesterone and still nothing. So I took a pregnancy test, negative of course. I went to the doctor and she gave me a pregnancy test as well and it was negative, I knew that ( I thought to myself). So she decided to do a sonogram and while she was doing it she looked confused and she couldn’t quite explained it tome. “I looks like you ovulated but I’m not sure why it doesn’t look like it should”. So she proceded to give me a 20 minute lecture on how she knew an excellent fertility specialist and she could refer me to her if I wanted. “No need for that, we are not in a hurry”.

As I was handing out my health insurance card she screamed and yelled: “wait!”. The pregnancy test she had given me earlier, had turned positive.

I had to sit down. I couldn’t understand. “But you just said…”. It didn’t matter I was pregnant. Just like that. She gave me prenatal vitamins and a blood test. I came back two days later for another blood test and learned that my previous blood test revealed that my progesterone level was really low. I was pregnant but I was not producing enough pregnancy hormones. So without knowing, the progesterone she had originally given me to help my period come was what helped me stay pregnant. I started taking progesterone and came back a week later to follow up and have a more clear idea of how far along I was. When I went back I was 6 weeks pregnant. As I heart beat strong like a horse I knew that this was a miracle. That somehow it was meant to happen. It didn’t matter how I wanted to see it, our lifes was about to change for ever.

I am not a doctor, now I claim to be one, but I honestly believe in my heart that anything can happen, specially when you least expect it. pregnancy

-Ms Prym ❤


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