Ms Prym

More often than not we want to set our creativity free or simply share the things we like or motivate us with other people who might have our same interests, however for “lack of time“, shines or simply lack of compromise everything remains a frustrated dream.

Who or what is Ms Prym?

Ms Prym was born from a desire to auto explore myself, a desire to experiment, from trail and errors. I love to share and to listen to other people. I feel that the more I listen the more I listen, the more I learn from them and the more I learn from myself. And yes, the name was inspired by a character of the Paulo Coelho book The Devil and Misss Prym.

For everything else my name is Diane Marie, I’m from a small ( but big hearted) island in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico. Cuban father, Dominican mother and American citizen solely because Puerto Rico is a US territory. I currently live in Madrid, Spain with my fiancé and we are expected our first baby.

Yo whom is this blog for?

For anyone who is not afraid to dream, laugh, travel, experiment, cook ( even if they’re not great at it), people who are not afraid to be free, love, share, make mistakes, try a thousand times if necessary, listen and learn.

Anyone, who just like me, is in constant evolution and on a learning journey, rookie parents, friends, hopeless romantics and even introverts. If everything you do, you do it with love and being conscious that your imperfections then you are on the right place.

Should we keep each other company on this journey?

-Ms Prym ❤


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