A grandma’s love

Anyone who knows me knows the extremely close relationship I had with my grandmother or Tata as only I used to call her, for a reason I’m not sure of. But it has been like that for as long as I can remember. There wasn’t a person in the entire world that I argued more with and loved more at the same time. We loved each other to death, but we couldn’t be together in the same room for too long or at least that’s what she lovingly used to say. She was my best friend, my confidant, she used to spoil me to death and she was my number one fan. I always admired how brave and courageous she was. It didn’t matter what life threw her way. She was a really strong woman. She always told me I needed to get tougher, that I shouldn’t cry as much. Reality is that inside I’m very sensible, I cry about everything-anything, but secretly.

As years flew by I admired her more and above all, I respected the relationship I had with her. I spoke to her at least once a day. I knew she was getting older and she lived alone and I knew there was nothing in the world that she enjoyed more than listening to my adventures in Spain; the clothes, the food, my trips, the family, my boyfriend. It’s was as if she was reliving her youth and everything she didn’t get to, do thru me. And I was delighted. When the teenage years are over you begin to appreciate grandparents in a really special way. You no longer feel annoyed by their stories, on the contrary, you want to know more. You begin to realise that in a way,time betrayed you and now is almost too late to get to know everything about that amazing person that once annoyed you when you were 15.

Most of us think that our grandma is the most special of all grandmas and think we are all right in a certain way. I don’t know in your case but my grandma sacrificed everything, up until the last moment, for her family and I truly believe that, that fiery spirit never dies…and if we are lucky, at least a little bit of that spirit will remain with us, there, within our character, like a steel stain, indelible.
So there was my Tata, preparing her trip to Spain after i don’t know how many years. But life as it is had different plans…


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