Dear brother


Growing up I was raised with catholic believes. “Love God above all things and your neighbor as you would love thyself” was the premise of everything. I always thought that in general being a Christian was a really good thing and that it could be associated with being a good person. I’ve never understood, How can someone who calls themselves a Christian can use religion to offend and condemn?

When my brother was 18, he had the guts to “come out of the closet”. I remember I already knew, but I hadn’t said anything because even though I am 5 years younger than him I understood the complicity that brothers have to have.
I can’t even imagine how hard this must have been for him. The thought of it brings me to tears. I knew he would suffer a lot. Not because he was gay but because people can be so cruel and tend to repel what they don’t understand.

I could sit here for hours citing passages from the bible and defending my point of view. Of how religion is supposed to be based on love and not hate. But that is not what this blog entry is about. This one is for you, dear brother.

I am sorry that people have made you cried or have hurt you in anyway. I am sorry that people don’t understand you or they want to reject you because of the fact that you are gay. I am sorry that, ‘till this day you have to defend your point of view and even your rights as a human being. I am sorry that you have to explain the way you love, when in fact love is love, doesn’t matter where it comes from.
I am sorry that you’ve had to hear insults or nasty comments from people who call themselves Christians but what they have, is a loveless heart, filled with hate. I am sorry that you have to live in a world where the word faggot has become a bigger insult than the words pedophile, thief or liar. That’s what’s immoral!

I want you to know that your pain is my pain. That I will fight with you and for you, always. That I’ve never seen you as “my gay brother”but as one of my heroes, one of the best persons I’ve ever known, a person with a pure heart. You are, not only my brother, but my best friend. I love you unconditionally and I believe you have 100% the same rights as me or as anybody else.
Thanks to you, if one day I become a mom I’ll be able to teach your nieces and/or nephews what their uncle taught me without even talking. Love is love. It doesn’t matter where it comes from.

I love you


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