Orange juice


Every now and then we tend to complain about the little things in our relationships. Going as far as fixating on this things as if they were little measures of how much our partner loves us or not.
We have been so jaded, for so long that sometimes we can confuse material gifts, dinners and trips with gestures of love. Now don’t get me wrong if you are able to do that for your partner, kudos! But as I push 30 I feel like, for me, this is so overrated.
As I’m getting older I’m beginning to realize that nothing says I love you like orange juice. No, I’m not crazy, let me explain. I’ve been really sick twice while being in my relationship. And nothing has shown me more love than having this man wake up every 6 hours with fresh squeezed orange juice and antibiotics. This simple gestures of love have made me realize that, while we don’t have the most expensive things in the world, nor take the most elaborate vacations, we have something better. True, unconditional love that comes in the form of a glass of orange juice at 4:30 in the morning,with antibiotics and the best lie in the whole world, “you look so beautiful”.

So if I ever feel tempted to measure the love he has for me, I will always remember the little details that showed me, beyond words, beyond any material gift, he truly loves me.

And for anyone reading this, I can only wish you the same, fresh squeezed orange juice.

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